After searching around for a while, I realized there was no (and there still is not, to the best of my knowledge) a keyboard that can easily produce the Esperanto non-standard characters. I therefore created a keyboard (using the very useful Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) which would allow you to easily access the characters ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ, and ŭ (and their capitals). This keyboard is adapted off of the standard US International Keyboard, while removing the umlaut shortcut and extending the circumflex to c, g, h, j, s, and u. Specifically, these unique characters are accessed by pressing Shift + 6 (which forms ^), and then whatever letter you want to add the circumflex. So, Shift + 6 + Shift + U would produce Û.

To install it, download this file and unzip. Then, double-click on Setup.exe. Then, you can switch to it using the standard Language Settings (guide here).

Also, please see the About page (on the side) for more information on bugs, feedback (highly appreciated), and support.